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Academic Center for Complementy & Integrative Medicine


Patients and healthcare professionals are increasingly considering complementary therapeutic approaches for the treatment of a variety of diseases, which support the healing process in addition to conventional medicine. The mechanisms by which these effects are achieved are often unclear.

The Academic Center for Complementary & Integrative Medicine (AZKIM) conducts research on the efficacy and safety of complementary medical practices using rigorous scientific methods. The focus is on understanding the mechanisms of action of herbal compounds, nutrition, and acupuncture in the supportive therapy of immunological and oncological diseases.

The goal is to establish evidence-based integrative medicine in Baden-Württemberg in line with the "WHO Traditional Medicine Strategy 2014-2023," where complementary and conventional methods are offered and applied in a mutually reinforcing manner. This requires a holistic approach.

AZKIM integrates biomedical basic research, (pre)clinical research, and healthcare research. Furthermore, the insights gained should be incorporated into education and training and implemented in patient care.

The work of AZKIM has been supported since June 2020 as part of the Research and Practice Initiative KIG Bawü within the framework of the "Forum Gesundheitsstandorts Baden-Württemberg" by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Integration.



Research and Practice initiative KIG BaWü:

Complementary and Integrative Health Care for Baden-Württemberg